Contactless dine-in, QR food order

Basic Safety Measures

You’re finally headed out to eat your first meal at a restaurant in what feels like an eternity, but you’re not sure if it’s excitement or dread you feel in the pit of your stomach? Read on to find out the basic safety measures that you can take to make your dining a less anxiety (and COVID)-prone experience.

Eat from a Trusted Restaurant

We cannot stress this enough. Visit and dine at restaurants only if either you or fellow users are assured of safety measures being in place. Visit the restaurant's page to find out if they follow health and sanitation guidelines prescribed by advisory bodies.

Ask for Outdoor Seating

Avoid sharing enclosed spaces with strangers. Being seated in a packed restaurant alongside other diners who will also not be wearing masks is an unnecessary risk. If your restaurant has an outdoor seating area, make reservations beforehand to book a table there. If not, pick one where the dining area is well-ventilated.

Avoid Touching Surfaces

Time and again, restaurant tables have been found to be a deceptively clean-looking hotbed of germs. Try to make a mental note to avoid touching them. Once seated, rest your hands in your lap instead of on the table. Flipping the pages of a menu card that almost anyone could have touched isn't advisable either.

Limited Interaction with Staff

Staff and servers at most restaurants will be required to wear masks. You can, however, take a few extra measures to safeguard yourself. Practices like reserving a table beforehand and wearing a mask while placing an order with your waiter can help decrease the chances of infection.

Hot Food vs. Cold Food

Heating is quite possibly the most effective method of killing the virus. We’re not suggesting you eat your food burning hot. But the next few times that you’re eating out, maybe order a soup instead of that chilled salad.

Be Picky about Dining Partners

Choose carefully who you have a meal with. Restaurant practices aside, your highest risk of infection is from the person you share a table with. Avoid eating out with people whose travel history is not known to you.

ToastApp helps you minimize the risk of infection with a range of features that put safety above all else with our COVID-compliant dining features. Place orders through your phone at restaurants instead of handling unsanitary menu cards and interacting with waiters.

Settle bills through phone payments eliminating the need to exchange cash or swipe cards at billing counters. Keep a safe distance from queues and infection by opting for in-store pickups or take-aways. Get your food directly from the restaurant instead of risking exposure when it changes multiple hands.