New Age Dining Experience: Contactless Food Order & Delivery!

Covid Compliant Dining

Can't bring yourself to touch anything until you've poured sanitiser all over it? You're not a germaphobe, just sane. Say goodbye to dirty menu cards and diseases. Scan the QR code on your table, order and pay – all from your phone.

Home Delivery

Who says you can't have the best of both worlds? Order favourites from your regular restaurants, or try exciting dishes from new ones, and enjoy your cozy stay-at-home meal.

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In-store pickups and take-aways

Want to eat from your favourite restaurant but worried about crowds and queues? We have a DIY suggestion for you – Place an order and collect your takeaway directly from the restaurant when it's ready!


Not quite sure your stomach can take another night of eating out? Satisfy your taste buds with our easy to make recipes contributed by experts and amateurs and share them if you like!

Events & Offers

Tired of missing out on amazing food experiences because you found out about them too late? Check out exciting events happening around you and get personalised offers only for you!

Item-wise Feedback

What good is ordering from a top-rated restaurant if you still end up with a dish you don't like? Check the separate ratings and reviews for each item on the menu before you order so it never happens again.

Live Complaints

Calling over your waiter and explaining what's wrong with the food is a task, we know. Use our one-tap complaint feature to let the restaurant know right away and have your complaint resolved instantly.

How does it work?

With ToastApp, we want to keep it as simple as possible. All you have to do is download our app & sign-up. Select a service option: Dine-in, Pickup, Delivery. Scan the restaurant table QR Code, or search for the restaurant on our mobile app, place your order, and pay when done!

  1. 1. Easy login

    Sign up/in in two quick steps using your mobile number. Enter the verification code sent to you and start exploring!

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  2. 2. Pick Restaurant

    Select a service option. Scan the QR Code on your table or search for a restaurant of your choice as per the service option.

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  3. 3. Order Food

    Select the items on the menu that you would like to order and add special instructions. Raise your complaints, if any.

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  4. 4. Payment

    Pay for your food through our App / Cash / Card. Avail discounts for existing premium memberships with other aggregators.

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Download now

Checkout ToastApp available on Play store and app store. Let us know what you think.

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